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Featherlite Cup goes to Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford of Wellington has been named the top Featherlite dealer for 2014 and recipient of the Featherlite Cup, the award given to the number one Featherlite dealer among nearly 190 in the United States and Canada.

In addition to being the top Featherlite dealer, Harrison Ford is also the top horse trailer dealer and living quarters trailer dealer.

The North Main Street auto retailer has been a Featherlite trailer dealer since 2011 and was named the Rookie of the Year the following year. It quickly climbed to be one of Featherlite’s top 10 dealers and has grown business significantly since then.

“It’s been exciting over these last few years to see Harrison Ford and their entire staff excel as a Featherlite dealer,” national sales manager Justin Queensland said. “They have a great team and know how to fit each of their customers with the right trailer and how to offer quality service. They have a great enthusiasm for selling trailers and we’re proud to have them representing the Featherlite brand.”

“Our sales staff shares a similar passion and enjoyment for our customer’s interests, business, and hobbies,” said Rodney Harrison, president of Harrison Ford. “Due to this we can specialize in meeting the individualized customer requests for Featherlite trailers. We only represent Featherlite trailers, and this allows us to represent the quality of the brand. We take great pride in meeting the specialized request from our customers.”

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