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even if you don't buy one from us...

Fast, free, easy appraisal and same day check available.

There are a lot of things to consider when you sell your trailer on your own as a private party. At Harrison Trailers we make the process as simple and seamless as possible. We provide the tools and information to sell your trailer fast while eliminating the hassles that come with private party selling. After a quick appraisal we will provide you with an offer on the spot. If you are happy with your offer you will leave with a check for your trailer that same day, or you can put that value towards the purchase of a new trailer or vehicle. It's that simple! If for some reason you decide to hold off, every appraisal comes with a written offer valid for 3 days.

Selling to Harrison Trailers eliminates all of the Hassles that come from private party selling. Have you considered the following:

  • No meeting with strangers at your home

  • No appointments that do not show up during your busy schedule

  • No scams to worry about

  • No liability after the sale

  • No more loan or insurance payments

  • No further depreciation of your trailer

  • No waiting in line at the DMV or notary to complete the sale

  • No waiting for a prospective buyer to get financing

If you are still unsure about selling your trailer to Harrison Trailers, please contact us with any questions you may have about our process. We have been in the trailer industry since 2003 and automotive industry even longer (since 1972!) and look forward to doing business with you. It is our desire to provide you with a pleasant trailer selling or buying experience, unlike any you have had before! So stop by at Harrison Trailers's convienient location at 820 North Main St. in Wellington, Ohio today. 


What type of trailer does Harrison Trailers, LLC. Buy?

We specialize in horse, livestock, utility and car trailers, but will make an offer on almost any trailer.

How long is my appraisal good for?

We will honor all appraisals for 3 days as long as the trailer is in the same condition as it was on the day of appraisal.

Will you accept my trailer in as a trade?

Of course! We would be thrilled if you would like to share your buying experience with us as well, however we will buy your trailer even if that is not the case.

Do I need an appointment to get a physical appraisal of my trailer?

Appointments are prefered so that we can dedicate the time necessary to get you the most money possible for your trailer, but they are not necessary. 

What if I still owe money on my trailer?

We will contact your lending institustion and obtain a 30 day payoff on your trailer. We will need the lender's name and phone number, the names of the parties on the account, your account number and/or social security number. If your payoff is less than the appraised value we will send the payoff amount to the lending institution you are financed with and issue you a check for the remaining balance of the proceeds. If your payoff is more than the value of your trailer, this will result in negative equity. Any negative equity you will be reponsible for. We will collect the amount of negative equity from you and use it in addition to the appraised value of your vehicle to payoff the lending institution you finance through.

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