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  • Small Livestock, Cattle, Horse or Combo

  • 20' to 32'+ in Length

  • 7' to 8'6" wide & 6'6"+ tall

  • Customizable

Available in Gooseneck or Bumper Pull, Elite's Show Cattle Combo can be configured to meet a wide variety of uses, which include small livestock, cattle and horse transportation, or even a combination of each. The size of the tack room can be customized to fit your needs and the stock area can be designed with adjustable gate rails, as well as a side ramp for customers that show cattle, pen systems for those that show small livestock or slant wall, saddle racks and slant gates for the horse enthusiast.

  • 2-5/16" Adjustable Coupler with Safety Chains and Breakaway Kit 

  • Single Speed Jack 

  • 8' Long with 2' Tapered Nose

  • .040 One Piece Aluminum Roof Sheet

  • Full Length Side Slats with Two Air Spaces and Natural Smooth Sheets

  • Rubber Torsion Axles with Electric Breaks 

  • Radial Tires with Steel Wheels 

  • Front Tack with Straight or Slant Wall

  • Full Width Rear Gate with 1/2 Slider and Pipe Hardware

  • 4" Rubber Docking Bumper

  • Escape Gate (Streetside or Curbside)

  • Dressing Room Door with Hehr Window (Streetside or Curbside)

  • 7 Way Plug and Wiring 

  • Recessed Exterior Light Switches 

  • Hehr 19" x 34" Nose Windows

  • LED Turn Signals at Rear 

  • LED Dome and Clearance Lights

  • Center Gate

  • Marine Grade Aluminum Treadplate Floor

  • Marine Grade Carpet on Floor, Drop and Bed

Air Conditioner

  • 13,500 BTU A/C Unit with Heat Strip

  • 13, 500 BTU Low Pro A/C Unit with Heat Strip and Thermostat

  • Frame for A/C

  • Frame and Pre Wire for Future A/C Unit


  • Domestic 2 Step Awning


  • Ridewell Semi Style Air Ride

  • STI Cargo Max Air Ride

  • EZ Lube Axles 

  • Oil Bath Axles 

  • Block Axles 2" and Lower Fenders

  • Taper Inner Fenders

  • Brush Fenders

Battery and Boxes

  • Single Battery Box 

  • Single Battery Box with Battery 

  • Dual Battery Box 

  • Dual Battery Box with (2) Batteries 

  • 3' Carpeted Boot Box with Lid

  • Full Width Carpeted Boot Box with Dual Lids

  • 4' Carpeted Boot Box with Lid

  • Full Width Padded Boot Box with Dual Lids


  • Electric / Hydraulic Brakes 

  • Electric / Hydraulic "Disc" Brakes 


  • Carpet Walls in Gooseneck

  • Carpet Side Walls in Dress

  • Carpet Bulkhead Wall in Dress

  • Line/Insulate/Carpet Side Walls in Dress

  • Line/Insulate/Carpet Walls in Gooseneck

Clothes Rod

  • Clothes Rod (5 Feet) 

  • Clothes Rod (5+ Feet) 


  • 2-5/16 Fulton Cable Release 

  • King Pin Coupler on Inner Pipe 


  • Add Horse Divider


  • Double Side Tack Doors with Single Pipe Hardware

  • Double Side Tack Doors with Internal Latch, Camper Latch and Combo Lock

  • Walk Thru Door in Bulkhead Wall

  • Access Door in Gooseneck

  • Side Access Door

  • Additional Dress Door

  • Make Standard Dress Door Wider (37" to 50")


  • Breaker Box, (1)110v Outlet and Shore Plug 

  • Additional 110v Outlet 

  • Shore Power Cord, 30amp or 50amp 

  • Voyager IR Color Camera Systems 

Exterior Skin

  • Pre-Painted White Exterior Skin (Standard) 

  • Pre-Painted Black Exterior Skin 

  • Pre-Painted Gray Exterior Skin 

  • Pre-Painted Red Exterior Skin 

  • Custom Painted Exterior Skin 

  • Mill Finish (Natural) Exterior Skin 

  • Stainless Steel Nose Sheets 

  • Stainless Steel Nose and Gooseneck Side Sheets 

  • Stainless Steel Side Sheets 

  • Polished Slat 

  • Polished Fenders 

  • Polished Top Rail 

  • Polished Bottom Rail 

  • Polished Door Frames and Flush Mount 

  • Polished Rear Corner Posts and Rear Header 

  • 2" Air Space Above Fenders

  • Hinged Slat to Cover Air Gap

  • Smooth Skin with Hehr Drop Down Windows in lieu of Air Spaces


  • Add Footage to Stock Area

  • Delete Footage from Stock Area

  • Add Footage to Dress

Gates (Nose)

  • Drop Down Gate

  • 2 Swinging Gates with Permanent Post in Nose

Gates (Center)

  • 1/2 Slide Gate Inside Center Gate

  • 1/2 Swing Gate Inside Center Gate

  • 3/4 Swing Gate Inside Center Gate

  • Full Swing Gate Inside Center Gate

  • Additonal Center Gates

  • Additional Center Gates Settings

  • Slide Rail for Center Gates

  • Slam Latch on Swing Gates on Slide Rail

  • Make Center Gate Slide Between Fenders (Slide Rail Gates Only)

  • No Step 1/2 or 3/4 Swing Gate Inside a Center Gate (Slide Rail Gate Only)

  • Run Center Gate at Slant (with Stock Trailer Slam Latch)

  • Flow Thru Bars Top of Center Gate (Replaces Slats and Air Spaces)

Gates (Escape)

  • Make Standard Escape Gate Wider (37" to 50")

  • Sliding Escape Gate (Slides on Outside of Trailer)

  • Add Single Pipe Hardware to Escape Gate

  • Frame and Seal Escape Gate

  • Additional Escape Gate

Gates (Rear)

  • Full Width Rear Gate (No 1/2 Slider)

  • Full Width Rear Gate with Roll Up Gate

  • Double Rear gates with Double Pipe Hardware

  • Exterior Safe Load Spring Loaded Slamt Latch (Full Width Rear Gates)

  • Double Swing Full Width Rear Gate with Double Pipe Hardware (Gate will open Streetside or Curbside)


Hay Rack

  • Hay Rack with Aerodyne Nose and Tie Rails

  • Enclosed Haypod with Aerodyne Nose


  • 6'6" (Standard) with Options to Increase Height in 6" Increments (6' Available, Removes Nose Windows)



  • Spring Loaded Jack

  • Single 2-Speed Jack

  • Dual Single Speed Jack

  • Dual 2-Speed Jack

  • Hydraulic Single Leg Jack

  • Dual Hydraulic Jack


  • Clear Lens LED Clearance Lights 

  • LED Running Lights on Bottom Rail 

  • Add Standard LED Dome Lights (390 Lumens) 

  • LED 6"x18" Dome Lights (880 Lumens) 

  • Extra LED Turn Signals Mounted in Slats 

  • Porch Light 

  • Additional LED Clearance Lights 

  • Backup Lights 

  • 3/4" LED Button Lights (Replace Standard Lights) 

  • Extra LED Turn Signals Mounted in Fender 

  • Halogen Load Lights 

  • Halogen High Intensity Load Light 

  • LED Load Light (1042 Lumens)

  • LED Scene Load Light 

  • LED High Turn on Rear

  • LED Dome Light Place Under Nose

  • Recessed Lighted Sign for Nose (Lettering Not Included)

  • LED High Turns on Rear


  • Rubber Floor Mats 

  • WERM Flooring 


  • Chute Rack on Side of Trailer

  • Panel Rack on Side of Trailer

  • Saddle Racks

  • Saddle Racks located on Tack Door

  • Swingout Saddle Racks

  • Hat Shelf

  • Water Tanks

  • Water Tank with Pump

  • Waterers

  • Misters

  • Bridle Hooks

  • Brush Trays

  • Hehr Windows (Multiple Sizes and Types)

  • AM/FM/CD with Inside, Ouside and Stock Area Speakers


  • V Nose

  • Raise Standard Drop Height from 49-1/2" to 52-1/2"

  • Enclose Under Nose with 3 Doors

  • Enclose Undernose with Roll Up Door

  • Enclose Under Nose with Full Width Lift Door with (2) Access Doors in Lift Up


  • Paint Top Rail 

  • Paint Top Rail and Bottom GN Rail 

  • Paint Drop Gussets 

  • Paint Smooth Sheets 

  • Paint Side Slat 

  • Paint Bottom Rail 

  • Paint Coupler 

  • Paint Landing Gear and Handle 

  • Paint Rear Corner Posts and Rear Header 

  • Paint Door or Ramp 

Pens and Accessories

  • Adjustable Pens (50/50 and 60/40)

  • Split Pens

  • Add 12" Height to Standard Pens

  • Low Latches on Pen Gates

  • Feeder Bracket Rods

  • 60/40 or 50/50 Removable Pens with Removable Full Height Posts


  • Plexiglass and Track (Rear and Escape Gates)

  • Plexiglass and Track Only (Rear and Escape Gates)

  • Plexiglass (Sides)

  • Plexiglass Storage Under Gooseneck

  • Plexiglass Storage in Gooseneck

  • Plexiglass Storage Box (Mounted Inside)


  • 48" Tall Spring Loaded Rear Ramp

  • 52" Tall Spring Loaded Rear Ramp

  • Full Height Spring Loaded Side Ramp


  • Insulate and Line Roof and Top Rail (Natural Aluminum) 

  • Insulate and Line Roof and Top Rail (White) 

Slide Outs

  • HWH Hydraulic Slide Out


  • 8" Fold Up Camper Step

  • 12" Fold Up Camper Step

  • Step Cleats 


  • Welded Trailer Ties (Interior) 

  • Bolted Ties (Exterior) 

  • Bolted Stainless Steel Ties (Exterior)

  • Tie Rails (Interior)

  • Outside Tie Rails (Polished or Unpolished)


  • 6" Butterfly Vent

  • Lunar Dome Roof Vent 

  • Two Way Roof Vent 

Wall Lining

  • Rubber, Double Wall and Insulate Stock Walls

  • Line and Insulate Dress Walls (Natural Mill Finish)

  • Line and Insulate Dress Walls (White)


  • Stainless Steel Simulators

  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheels


  • 7' (Standard), 7'6", 8', 100" and 102"


Stock Area


Additional Options

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